Young summer trainees built a a POV (Persistence of vision) Fidget spinnger in two weeks

After the success of last year, we repeat the Fab Lab Oulu summer training. For two weeks we hosted a group of 13 high-schoolers and secondary school students (15 -17 years) at our Fab Lab in Oulu. The training started on 06.06.2016 and finished on 16.06.2017. Our intention was to study what kind of activities we could prepare in the future in our Fab Lab for youngster between 14 and 18 years old. All the experience is documented in a blog that summer trainees wrote.

The goal was to create a LED POV fidget spinner, that is, a fidget spinner that when it rotates, is able to write a text on the air. The air should be programmable from an Android phone.

This year the training was organized in a slightly different way. Instead of having 4 different project as last year, we decided that all the trainees collaborate to build the same product. We divided the students in 5 different groups, each one with one specific associated task:

  • 2D / 3D design: In charge of designing and fabricating the mechanics of the spinner
  • Electronics: In charge of building the electronics of the spinner (LEDs, components to detect rotation speeds ...)
  • Embedded Programing: In charge of writing the software for the device
  • Phone Programing: In charge of writing the software to send text to the device
  • Managing and social network: In charge of coordinating different teams, document the activity and write the blog.

The idea was to organize the activity as if it was a company. Different expert teams should discuss with each other in order to succeed.

Again we got a very positive feedback from participants.

All the experience is documented in a blog that trainees wrote . Any person interested in this activity can find there a lot of visual material which summarizes really good the whole design and implementation process of the different teams.