"School in Change" Workshop

For two consecutive days I participated with Jani Ylioja in the "School in Change" conference held in Oulu during the 27th and 28th of October. First day the venue was Metsokangas School while the second day Kastelli School hosted the conference.The conference aimed to create gain insights on how technology can support with collaborative practices, knowledge building, problem solving and self-assessment among other skills hightlighted in the 21st learning. It got attendants from all around Finland.

One of the talks was given by Ole Kjær Thomasen from FabLab Silkeborg. They were leading the FabLab@schooldk project as a part of the global FabLearn Labs network. This project aimed to put cutting-edge technology for design and construction into the hands of middle and high school students. To that end, they created a network among schools and Fab Labs of different cities in order to organize and coordinate different educative activites.

During the conference we run a workshop for teachers, where we instruct them on how to use Inkscape to create models that can be cut using a vynyl cutter. The teachers designed and printed their own stickers. Some of participants promised that they will utilized them to decorate their classrooms. In addition, we had an interesting discussion on how the Fab Lab can support teachers during their lessons and which were the possible challenges and drawbacks of utilizing Fab Lab as a formal learning environment.