Kastellin Koulu: Suomi 100 project

Students from 9th grade were working during 3 and a half days to build their own commemorative gadget to celebrate Finland 100 anniversary.

Teachers decided the working theme, but the kids were free to choose which was going to be the gadget. The two conditions projects had to meet were:

  • They had to fabricate the mechanics using the laser-cutter
  • They had to use Arduino

Teachers divided the children in 5 different groups. During the first day they together brainstorm about the gadget they wanted to build. Finally, they got 3 different ideas:

  • A wheel that contains pictures of representative events of the history of Finland, one for each decade. The wheel moves daily showing one event per day.
  • A calendar made out of wood that automatically changes to the next page when the month is over. Each month contains a picture of a representive event of the history of Finland
  • A clock that raises a Finnish flag each Flag day in Finland

Each one of the three projects were developed with the collaboration of two different groups: one would be in charge of the physical design of the object and content and the other of the mechanics (including programming)

The division of groups.

At the end of the workshop all teams manage to produce the mechanics and they were working manually. The students wrote also some code for Arduino, but they did not have time to fully integrate the different parts, so we end-up with almost finished prototypes.

Teachers agreed to complete them if they had free time.

We really hope all kids participating enjoyed the activity and learnt something useful!!!!

Events wheel

Events wheel
Events wheel (inner part)
Events wheel
Events wheel (outer part)


Calendar (I)
Calendar (II)

General pictures